Welcome to the Maltese Support Group for the widowed-VO/0605.

We are a small group of friendly people of all ages and background who have been unified by the experience of the loss of a loved one. We simply support each other through difficult days. We are here to help you too. No matter how you lost your better half, we are here to support you and give you guidance based on personal experience.

We are here for no other reason but that we know you need us. Call us today and start on forging a path to the future. 

The Committee

The Chairperson       

We are a support group of individuals that have come together through the common loss of our spouses, however, even though we have been brought together by loss and grief, we at Minus One strive to celebrate life. Our group promotes life, and living fully despite the loss of our loved ones, as it is detrimental to ourselves and to those that we hold dear that we spend our energy focused on death, we must instead use this energy to focus on life.

A great part of the grieving process is becoming acclimated to the fact that our loved ones are in fact truly gone, this realisation can lead us to 2 distinct paths: isolation in our distress, or in seeking out the support of others with whom we share the commonality of this experience – and while one may be tempted to avoid others, the support provided by others who have experienced the same loss will help to share this difficult burden, making it lighter and easier to bear.

The Minus One support group will help you to realize that you are not alone. We will help you to make new friends in a welcoming atmosphere where all members suffered the same tragedy before you and where no one will judge you because of your feelings. We are all friends.

Our only scope is to give support to each other. We organize a lot of activities, we organize a variety of talks by professionals in their respective fields and we also encourage our members to share with us on topics such as history, hobbies and culture amongst other subjects.

Once a month we hold a birthday celebration dinner, to celebrate the birthdays of our members during the respective month. We also organise outings to various places in Malta and Gozo.

It is therefore important not to be afraid of seeking help and to always remember: “do not waste your energy on death but use it for life”

We Believe that  (The 6 Golden Beliefs)

  • Although we met because we suffered a great loss, we promote life. We want to live fully.
  • We do not waste our energy on death but we use it on life.
  • When we look back, we are proud of what we achieved, but we prefer to look forward because there is much more to achieve.
  • We believe that we have only one death but we live everyday.
  • Friendship is the best and only way forward.
  • We have the right to be happy again.

Victor Galea

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