28th June 2024-Birthday celebrations at the Qawra Palace Hotel-20.00.

21st June 2024-Quiz night by our member John Muscat-Project House-20.00.

19th June 2024-Ladies and Gentlemen night out-20.00.

14th June 2024-Father’s day Mass at Project House-20.00.

7th June 2024-Karaoke Night,Pieta-20.00.

31st May 2024-Birthday Celebrations at Ta’ Gagin restaurant in Baħrija-20.00

24th May 2024-Project House-20.00-Maltese traditional feasts talk by Mr. Nathan Buttigieg.

17th May 2024-Project House- Imnarja talk by our member Joseph Farrugia.

10th May 2024-Project House-20.00-Mother’s Day mass.

9th May 2024-Culural Visit -Mosta

3rd May 2024-20.00-Quiz by our member John Muscat-Project House-20.00

26th April 2024-20.00-Birthday Celebrations at the Kalkara Regatta Club.

19th April 2024-Project House-20.00-Kitchen hygiene by Pharmacist Anna Muscat.

12th April 2024-Project House-20.00-Games by our members Connie and Silvio.

5th April 2024-Project House-20.00-2nd talk on Health and Safety at Home by Lawrence Cachia.

4th April 2024-9.30am-We will visit the Maritime Museum in Vittoriosa. We will go by boat from Valletta.

29th March 2024-Birthday Celebrations at Don Berto Restaurant in Vittoriosa.

22nd March 2024-Our lady of Sorrow mass at the Airport Chapel by our spiritual Director. Fr. Saviour.

15th March 2024-Project House-20.00-The Annual General Meeting.

Committee Members Nomination Form

10th March 2024- The traditional retreat at Sant Ursula Convent in Valletta.

8th March 2024- project House-20.00-The Chairperson will deliver a quiz on music, cinema, singers and actors.

1st March 2024-project House-20.00-Wasteserve staff will deliver a talk on recycling.

23rd February 2024-Birthday Celebrations at the Peristyle Restaurant in Rabat-20.00.

16th February 2024-20.00-Project House-Nutritionist Dr. A Grima will deliver a talk on Healthy Eating.

9th February 2024-The Carnival Costume party at Ta’ Leli Restaurant in Birkirkara-20.00.

2nd February 2024-Project House-20.00-Our member Joseph Farrugia will deliver a talk on The history of the carnival.

26th January 2024-Birthday Celebrations at 11-11 Restaurant, Gżira-20.00.

19th January 2024-Health and Safety at Home by Lawrence Cachia at Project House-20.00.

12th January 2024- Quiz by Charlotte and Rita at project House-20.00.

5th January 2024-The traditional discussion between the members at project House-20.00

16th December 2023-The Annual Christmas Party at the Qawra Palace Hotel.

3rd December 2023-Traditional Christmas Retreat at the Archbishop’s Seminary, Rabat.

24the November 2023-Birthdays Celebration at La Sorpresa Restaurant, Qawra-20.00

17th November 2023- Project House-20.00. General Knowledge quiz by our quiz master John Muscat

10th November 2023-Gemma Siroll will deliver a talk on First Aid at project House-20.00.

3rd November 2023-Get Together at Ta’ Ċensu, Marsa

27th October 2023- Birthday Celebration at Il Cortile Restaurant

20th October 2023- A Talk on Community Police at Project House

13th October 2023- Group discussion at project House

6th October 2023- Annual mass by Fr. Saviour at Project House

29th September 2023- End of Summer party at Montekristo

15th September 2023- Karaoke Dinner at Pieta Football Club

25th August 2023- Birthday Celebrations at SISI Farmhouse

18th August 2023- Picnic at Pembroke picnic area

11th August 2023- We meet at Għadira bay for a chat and a swim

4th August 2023- Gozo by night

28th July 2023-Birthday Celebrations at Ta’ Klariċċ restaurant,Rabat-20.00

21st July 2023-We meet for a swim and a chat at Għadira bay-17.00-Near La Sosta Kiosk.

14th July 2023-Commino Cruise-Sliema 13.00-Buġibba 13.30

7th July 2923-Picnic at Dingli Cliffs at 20.00

30th June 2023-Birthday Celebrations at Ta’ Gagin restaurant Baħrija-20.00

23rd June 2023-Group Discussion-20.00-Project House Floriana.

16th June 2023-Father’s Day mass at Project House-20.00. 

9th June 2023- Forensiscs by Supt Charlo casha-20.00-Project House Floriana.

7th June-2023-Karaoke Party at Il-Karettun-Marsascala-20.00.

2nd June-2023-Alice Peplow will deliver a talk on Parkinson’s Disease-20.00-Project House Floriana.

26th May 2023-Birthday Celebrations at Wild West Restaurant, Birgu. We meet at 20.00. Click for Menu.

19th May 2023-5th and last talk by Nadia Galea Sant-Accessing the power from within-20.00-Project House Floriana.

12th May 2023-Mother’s day mass at Project House. 20.00

5th May 2023-4th talk of 5 by Nadia Galea Sant-Accessing the power from within-20.00-Project House Floriana.

28th April 2023-Birthday celebrations at the Soreda Hotel, Qawra-20.00

21st April 2023-3rd Talk of 5 by Nadia Galea Sant-Accessing the power from within-20.00-Project House Floriana.

14th April 2023-2nd Talk of 5 by Nadia Galea Sant-Accessing the power from within-20.00-Project House Floriana.

From this month (April) we will be meeting once again every Friday at 20.00 at the Project House, Floriana.

31st March 2023-The Annual Our lady of Sorrows at the Airport Chappel-20.00.

26th March 10.30-Picnic Marsaxlokk.

24th March 2023-Birthday Celebrations at Don Berto Restaurant, Birgu water front-20.00.

17th March 2023-1st Talk of 5 by Nadia Galea Sant-Accessing the power from within-20.00.

12th March-The annual retreat at the Mdina Convent of the Benedictine Sisters-09.15.

10th March 2023-The widower who became priest. Talk by Fr. Joe Pace-20.00.

3rd March 2023-Today we will hold our Annual General Meeting-20.00.

24th February 2023-Birthdays Celebration at Ta’ Cassia Restaurant Salini-20.00.

17th February 2023-Carnival Party at Lija Boċċi Club-200.00.

10th February 2023- Today we meet at 11.00 am at Esplora Kalkara.

3rd February 2023- Talk on Diversification, risks and Investments-20.00-MAV Hall Hamrun.

27th January 2023-Birthdays Celebration at 516 Bistro Restaurant Valletta Water Front-20.00.

20th January 2023- Talk on Consumer rights-20.00-MAV Hall Hamrun.

13th January 2023-Quiz by John Muscat-20.00-MAV Hall Hamrun.

6th January 2023- Group Discussion-20.00 MAV Hall Hamrun.

17th December-DB Qawra-20.00-The Christmas party.

4th December-We meet at 10.00 near Selmun castle for a walk and a picnic.

27th November- Retreat at Mdina Benedictine Convent- 09.30

25th November- Dinner at La Sorpresa Restaurant- 20.00

18th November- Project House- 20.00. Extraordinary General Meeting

11th November- Project House- Talk by Notary Antonella Navarro

4th November- The annual November mass – Kristu Re church, Paula – 19.30.

28th October- Group Dinner-Ir-Razzett l-Antik restaurant Qormi. 20.00

21st October-20.00-Project House talk by Ingrid Schembri on Social Benefits

14th October-20.00-Project House talk by Nutritionist Rowinda Dimech

7th October-The traditional October mass at Santwarju Qalb ta’ Ġesu Ħaż-Żebbuġ. 19.30

30th September-Perystlye dinner Rabat, 20.00

23rd September-Picnic Pembroke. 19.45

16th September-End of Summer Party at the University Residence Lija. 20.00

9th September-We meet near The  Freedom Monument in Birgu at 19.30

2nd September-Picnic Dingli. 19.45

26th August-Soreda Hotel BBQ

19th August-Picnic at Smart City

12th August-Supreme Comino Cruise

5th August- Gozo by Night

29th July-20.00 Dinner at Ta’ Klariċċ Rabat

22-27 July-Italian Tour to celebrate 25th Anniversary

15th July – Picnic Dingli Cliffs

8 July- Għarmier Bay-Tortuga

1st July- Supreme Cruise-Comino

Saturday 25th June-20.00-Gala Night at Qawra Palace Hotel to celebrate our 25th anniversary

22nd June-Mass 25th Anniversary at Bażilaka Kristu Re Paula

17th June-Father’s Day mass at Santwarju Qalb ta’ Ġesu Ħaż-Żebbuġ. 20.00 with Fr. Saviour

10th June-Picnic Area Pembroke 19.30

3rd June-Ambassador Frank Zammit talk on Sistine Chappel-Project House-20.00

3rd June 2022 – 18.30 – Project House – Group Support with Bernardette Briffa

27th May-Dinner at Sea Side B’Buġia-20.00

20th May-Superintendent James Grech talk on Money Loundering

Sunday 15th May-Gozo day- Price 10-Fully Booked-Ferry 09.00-Van at 08.00 from Education-Ċirkewwa-Education. We visit Rabat-Ta’ Pinu mass @ 11.15-Lunch Marsalforn-@15.00  Hop on Hop off Double Decker-Back to Malta with the 18.15 Ferry.

13th May-AGM-Project House-20.00-Welcome talk from the Chairperson-Activities report by the Secretary-Financial report by the Treasurer-Questions and Answers

6th May-Mother’s Day mass at Santwarju Qalb ta’ Ġesu Ħaż-Żebbuġ. 20.00 with Fr. Saviour

30th March – 20.00. Karaoke night at House of Flavors, St. Venera.

18th March – 20.00. Dinner at Hunters Tower Marsaxlokk.

8th March – 13.00. Women’s Day Lunch at 3 Sisters Restaurant Marsaxlokk.

29th April 2022 – Water Front Hotel Sliema-Buffet

22nd April 2022 – Project House – Quiz by our Quiz Master John Muscat

8th April 2022 – 20.00 – Our Lady of Sorrows Mass at the Airport Chapel

25th February 2022 – 20.00. Carnival Pizza Party at Sea Side Restaurant B’Bugia.

18th December 2021 – 20.00. The Christmas party at Bottegin Palazzo Xara, Rabat. (menu)

26th November 2021 – 20.00. Buffet Dinner at ‘1743’ Ir-Razzett l-Antik, Qormi.

21st November 2021 – 10.00. Ta’ Qali Petting Farm. After the Petting farm we will have a picnic at the Playing Area.

12th November 2021 – 20.00. Eden Super Bowl.

10th November 2021 – 18.30.  Group Support Session with Bernardette Briffa- Education Board Room Floriana.

5th November 2021 – 19.00. Fr. Saviour Chircop will celebrate mass at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Sanctuary Żebbuġ.

29th October 2021-20.00. Dinner at Ta’ Klaricc restaurant, Rabat.

8th,15th and 22nd October 2021- 19.00–21.00. Education board room, Floriana. Social Benefits for the Widowed by Ingrid Schembri. Due to Covid restrictions only 20 members may attend for each session.

3rd October 2021- Full day Gozo-cancelled.

1st October 2021-Eden Super Bowl-20.00.

Upcoming Events. All events are subject to Covid 19 restrictions. 

Next October-Basic IT skills.

29th September 2021-Group Bonding Group 2 at The Meeting Place Marsa-Starting at 18.30, 2nd session

24th September 2021-The Pebbles Resort– Buffett Dinner at 20.00

22nd September 2021-Group Bonding Group 2 at The Meeting Place Marsa-Starting at 18.30. 1st Session.

17th September 2021-Comino Sunset Cruise.

15th September 2021-Group Bonding Group I at The Meeting Place Marsa-Starting at 18.30, 2nd session.

10th September 2021-We will meet at Ghadira Bay at 18.30

8th September 2021- Maltese traditional fenkata at Baħrija at 12.30.

3rd September- We will meet at Smart City at 20.00.

1st September 2021-Group Bonding Group I at The Meeting Place Marsa-Starting at 18.30.1st Session.

27th August 2021- BBQ at the Soreda Hotel.

20th August 2021- Gozo by night.

13th August 2021- We will meet at Ghadira Bay at 18.30

6th August 2021- Picnic at Pembroke.

4th August 2021- 18.30, Group Support Meeting at the Meeting Place Marsa.

30th July 2021- Dinner at 20.00, Step In Restaurant, Zurrieq

16th July 2021- Hop on Hop off by night.

25th June 2021 at 19.30- Fr. Saviour Chircop will celebrate mass at St Philip Parish Church Ħaż-Żebbuġ to celebrate the International Women’s day and the 24th Anniversary of Minus One, the Maltese support group for the Widowed.

17th June 2021- Group support meeting with Ms. Bernardette Briffa, Social Worker specializing in grief. We will meet at 17.00 at The Meeting Place, Marsa.

11th June 2021- Finally, the group will meet at Noah’s Ark, Siggiewi at 20.00.

All events are postponed. Be safe stay at Home.

31st July 2020 at 20.00 Birthday Celebrations at Step In Restaurant in Wied iż-Żurrieq. 

24th July 2020 at 20.00 Pembroke- Picnic

17th July 2020 at 20.00- AGM at the MVPA Hall in Hamrun

17th July at 18.300- Group Support at the MVPA Hall in Hamrun

All events are postponed. Be safe stay at Home.

27th March 2020. Birthday Celebrations at Gillieru Restaurant in St Pauls Bay. (postponed)

20th March 2020. Project House at 20.00- Quiz on Movies and Music (postponed)

13th March 2020. Project House at 20.00- The Annual General Meeting (postponed)

06th March 2020. Project House at 20.00- Meeting in Preparation for the AGM

28th February 2020- Birthday Celebrations at Palm Valley Restaurant in Marsascala.

21st February 2020. Project House at 20.00: Today we will hold a Group Discussion.

14th February 2020. Project House at 20.00: Our member Joseph Farrugia will deliver a talk on St Valentines day.

10th February 2020. Public Holiday, We will meet for Lunch at ta’ Richard in Baħrija.

7th February 2020. Project House at 20.00: Talk by Life Coach Steve Farrugia.

31st January 2020. Birthday Celebrations at Ta’ Celita Restaurant in Mgarr.

24th January 2020. Project House at 20.00: Joyce Muscat will deliver a talk on Holistic Therapy.

17th January 2020. Project House at 20.00: Talk by  Mr Frank Zammit, The Maltese Ambassador for The Vatican City.

17th January 2020. Project House 18.30: Group Therapy with Ms. Bernardette Briffa.

10th January 2020. Project House at 20.00: Talk by Dentist Dr. Jake Borg Falzon.

03rd January 2020. Project House at 20.00: Tombola for fun.

27th December 2019. Project House at 20.00: Group discussion.

20th December 2019. Project House at 20.00: Quiz by our Group Member John Muscat

13th December 2019. Christmas party at Palazzo Capua.

06th December 2019. Project House at 20.00: Talk by Dr. Lara Camilleri on Health Issues.

29th November 2019. Birthday Celebrations at Don Berto restaurant, Birgu Waterfront.

22nd November 2019. Project House. Carlston Grima will deliver a talk on the changes in the Maltese language.

15th November 2019. Project House. Talk on Dementia.

8th November 2019. A talk by our members on bereavement.

1st November 2019- Group Therapy Session by Bernardette Briffa and later on at 20.00 we will be having a Tombola party at Project House.

31st October 2019. A group of our members will be flying to Cyprus for a 5 day holliday.

25th October 2019. Birthday Celebrations at the Soreda Hotel

18th October 2019. Project House. Demonstration on Flower Arrangements by Maria Cordina.

13th October 2019. Hop On Hop Off around Malta.

11th October 2019. Project House, Quiz by John Muscat.

4th October 2019. Fr. Saviour Chircop our Spiritual Director celebrates mass at the Airport Chapel.

27th September 2019. Birthday Celebrations at the Step In Restaurant in Wied Iż-Żurrieq.

20th September 2019. Mdina by night with our member Joseph Farrugia.

13th September 2019. L-Arka ta’ Noe annimal park Siggiewi.

6th September 2019. Picnic at Pembroke

30th August 2019. Birthday Celebrations at San Antonio Hotel Buġibba.

23rd August 2019. A walk at Saint Paul’s Bay.

16th August 2019. By popular request the group met at Ghadira bay once again.

9th August 2019. Gozo by night visiting ta’ Pinu Sanctuary and dinner at Giuseppe Għajnsielem.

2nd August 2019. Dingli Picnic.

26th July 2019. Commino by night.

19th July 2019. A nice swim at the Għadira bay.

12th July 2019. Pembroke Picnic.

5th July 2019. A walk by the sea at Ta’Xbiex.

28th June 2019. Birthday Celebrations at the Cargo Restaurant in the  Vittoriosa Waterfront.

21st June 2019. Martin Buhagiar from the Ministry for the Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity held a talk on pensions.

14th June 2019. Fr. Saviour Chircop our Spiritual Director celebrated Fathers day Mass.

7th June 2019. Pharmacist Valeria Sant explained how to prevent skin damage and the use of sunscreen.

31st May 2019. Birthday Celebrations at the Bottegin Restaurant Palazzo Xara Rabat.

Friday 24th May 2019. Alfred and Bridgette Grech share their experience of Medjugorje.

Friday 17th May 2019. Group Discussion.

Friday 10th May 2019. Fr. Saviour Chircop celebrated Mothers day Mass.

Sunday 5th May 2019. Day in Gozo.

Friday 3rd May 2019. Talk by Fr. Karm Debattista (MSSP)

Friday 26th April 2019. Birthday Celebrations at ‘Tal-Gilju’ Band Club Mqabba.

Friday 12th April 2019. Our lady of Sorrows Mass at the Airport Chapel. Mass celebrated by Fr. Saviour Chircop.

Friday 5th April 2019. General knowledge Quiz by John Muscat, one of our members.

Sunday 24th March 2019. Retreat at Mount St. Joseph with Fr. Saviour Chircop.

Friday 22nd March 2019. AGM and election of new committee members.

Friday 22nd February 2019. Birthday celebration dinner at Palm Valley restaurant in Marsascala.

Thursday 21st February 2019. Maria Borg and Ray Camilleri participate in a discussion programme “TeaRoom” on Net TV.

Friday 15th February 2019. Fr. Saviour Chircop delivers an interesting talk on relationships.

Friday 1st February 2019. Mr James Sultana delivers an interesting talk on a section of Maltese History.

Friday 11th January 2019. Demonstration by aromatherapist Ms Joyce Muscat.

Monday 31st December 2018. We celebrate New Year’s Eve at The Waterfront Hotel.

Friday 21st December 2018. Christmas party at The Palace – Sliema

Sunday 9th December 2018. Retreat at La. Salle Retreat home in Mellieha.

Friday 17th November 2018. One night break at San Pawl Hotel

Friday 12th October 2018. Talk by orthopaedic surgeon Mr Dorian Xuereb.

Friday 7th September 2018. Harbour cruise with Jean Paul. We visit the three cities.

Friday 24th August 2018. BBQ at Alexandra Hotel.

Friday 10th August 2018. Comino By night.

Friday 27th July 2018. Birthday celebrations at the Carrubia restaurant in Marsaxlokk.

Friday 20th July 2018. Gozo by night. We visited The Cittadella and enjoyed lunch at Ta’ Guzeppi.

Sunday 3rd June 2018. A full day outing to Gozo including lunch at The Lantern Restaurant Marsalforn.

Friday 1st June 2018. Talk by Wasteserv representative of the importance to separate our waste.

Friday 18th May 2018. Alternative premises were provided at the Ex Tas-Samra school in Hamrun. Today we hosted Notary Rossella Soler who delivered an interesting talk about inheritance.

Friday 11th May 2018. Mothers’ Day mass celebrated by Fr. Saviour Chricop. Today was our last meeting at Education boardroom due to commencement of structural works at the premises.

Friday 6th April 2018. An interesting talk was held by volunteers of the Mission Fund. Tony Agius, one of our members and also a volunteer of the organisation, shared his experience with our group in a bid to encourage more volunteers

Friday 23rd March 2018. Our Lady of Sorrows. Mass was said at MIA airport chapel at 8 pm by Fr. Saviour Chircop and was very well attended by our members.

Sunday 18th March 2018. Visit Gozo. Lunch at Lantern restaurant.

Friday 16th March 2018. AGM. New committee members elected: Maria Borg, Louise Suda, John Trapani, Victor Galea, Mark Farrugia, Joyce Bartolo & Maria Caruana.

Friday 9th March 2018. Interesting talk by James Muscat of Prime Ltd.

Friday 16th February 2018. Birthday Celebration at El-Catalan restaurant, Xaghajra.

Saturday 10th February 2018. One night break at San Pawl Hotel.

Friday 26th January 2018. Birthday Celebration at Angelo’s Diner Bugibba

Saturday 6th January 2018. Pantomima FROZINN at Catholic Institute Floriana.

Sunday 31st December 2017. New Year’s eve dinner at Corinthia Palace Hotel.

Friday 10th November 2017. Interesting talk by Mario Coleiro about the history of Malta,

Friday 6th October 2017. We meet again indoors after the summer holidays. Mass celebrated by Fr. Saviour Chircop.

Sunday 20th August 2017. Visit to our sister island of GOZO.

Friday 7th July 2017: Gozo by night.

Tuesday 13th June 2017. Victor Galea and Maria Borg are invited on a TV programme F Living.

Friday 23rd June 2017. Christine Mifsud, daughter of one of our members delivers an interesting talk.

Friday 9th June 2017. Talk by Councillor Sylvia Galea.

Friday 12th May 2017. Mothers’ Day mass celebrated by Fr. Saviour Chircop.

Friday 21st April 2017. Interesting talk by Notary Rossella Soler.

Thursday 13th April 2017. Churches visit for Maundy Thursday in Valletta.

Friday 17th March 2017.Annual general meeting. New committee members elected for 2017/18. Sandra Mallia, John Trapani, Marie Louise Suda, Joseph Bonello, Maria Borg, Mark Farrugia & Victor Galea.

Friday 24th February 2017: Birthday celebration at Angelo’s Diner – Bugibba.

Sunday 12th February 2017: Lunch ‘ Fenkata’ at il-Barri restaurant Mgarr.

Friday 3rd February 2017: Talk by well renowned book writer Trevor Zahra.

Saturday 7th January 2017: Christmas pantomime ‘ SKRUG’ held at Catholic Institute Floriana.

Saturday 31st December 2016: NYE buffet dinner at Preluna Hotel – Sliema.

Sunday 4th December 2016: Retreat at Dar Frate Jacoba – M’scala.

Friday 25th November 2016: Birthday Celebrations at Browns restaurant Valletta.

Friday 18th November 2016. Mass celebrated by Fr. Saviour Chircop for members’ relatives.

Friday 28th October 2016. Today we held our monthly birthday celebrations at Watson’s Restaurant – Bugibba.

Friday 21st October 2016. Powerpoint presentation by member Joseph Farrugia . Subject: SPOOKY.

Friday 7th October 2016. Mass celebrated by Fr. Saviour Chircop in our new premises at Education Division in Floriana

Friday 30th September 2016. Today we celebrate the birthdays of members during September.

Friday 2nd September 2016. Gozo by night with dinner at Guzeppi’s restaurant in Cittadella.

Friday 26th August 2016. Today it’s BBQ night at the Alexandra Hotel.

Saturday 6th August 2016. Picnic at Dingli Cliffs enjoying sunset.

Friday 15th July 2016. Comino by night had to be postponed due to very high winds.

Sunday 10th July 2016. Gozo outing with lunch at Xerri il-Bukkett.

Friday 24th June 2016. Birthday celebrations at Aroma restaurant – Sliema.

Friday 17th June 2016. Mass celebrated at Project House on the occasion of fathers’ day. Fr. Saviour Chircop celebrated the mass.

Sunday 12th June 2016. Widows’ day remembered with lunch at Alexandra Hotel.

Friday 27th May 2016. Birthday celebration at Al Fresco – B’Bugia.

Friday 13th May 2016. Information talk at Project House by Ms. Gemma Sirol about first Aid.

Friday 6th May 2016. Mothers’ day mass at Project House by Fr. Saviour Chircop.

Sunday 24th April 2016. Full day Gozo and lunch at lantern restaurant.

Friday 7th April 2016. Birthday celebrations at Watson’s – Bugibba.

Friday 18th March 2016. Mass at airport chapel by Fr. Saviour Chircop.

Friday 11th March 2016. Annual General meeting. New committee formed.

Sunday 6th March 2016. Retreat at Porzjuncola Hall with Fr. Saviour Chircop.

Friday 4th March 2016. Another interesting talk by the police. This time from the crime prevention unit.

Friday 26th February 2016. Birthday celebration at La Sorpresa restaurant – Bugibba.

Friday 19th February 2016. Talk by police cybercrime unit at Project House.

Friday 29th January 2016. Birthday celebrations at Al Fresco in B’Bugia.

Friday 31st December 2015. New Year’s eve dinner at Le Meridien hotel in St. Julians.

Sunday 25th October 2015. We visited Gozo and had lunch at Lantern restaurant. We visited Ggantija temples and the group was given an informative tour by one of our members Joseph Farrugia.

Friday 25th September 2015: Birthday celebration at Stuffed Olive restaurant M’Scala.

Saturday 22nd August 2015: Gozo by night & dinner at Xerri il-Bukkett

Saturday 4th July 2015: Comino BBQ by night

Sunday 28th June 2015: Widows’ day commemoration at Seabank Hotel in Mellieha.

Friday 8th May 2015: Mothers’ day mass at Project House with Fr. Saviour.

Sunday 19th April 2015: Gozo outing

Friday 17th April 2015: Christine Mifsud, daughter of our member Josephine Attard gave us an interesting talk.

Friday 27th March 2015: Mass celebrated at Airport chapel by Fr. Saviour. We meet at 7.45pm near the chapel.

Friday 20th March 2015: Annual general meeting.

Friday 6th March 2015: Community Theatre Group presents a play entitled ” Falling Petals”

Friday 20th February 2015: We went for dinner at Al Fresco restaurant – B’Bugia

Friday 9th January 2015. We had an interesting talk by Lifecoach Stephen Farrugia.

Thursday 31st December 2014: New Year’s Eve Gala dinner at Maritim Antonine Hotel in Mellieha.

Monday 8th December 2014: A small group of our members visited Da Hanin Samaritan in Sta Venera. Gifts were distributed.

Friday 5th December 2014: Hosted members of the special Olympics at Project House. A token was given as a memento.

Sunday 30th November 2014: Retreat at Porziuncola Hall led by Fr. Saviour.

Friday 28th November 2014: Accountant Ian Azzopardi delivered an interesting talk about how to manage your financial life.

Friday 31st October 2014: Birthday celebration is being held indoors at Project House at 8.30pm.

Friday 24th October 2014: Talk by Fr. Adrian Cassar at Project House at 8.30pm

Friday 3rd October 2014: Mass at Project House by Fr. Saviour at 8.30pm.

Friday 26th September 2014: Birthday celebration at Tal Kaptan restaurant – Valletta Waterfront. We meet at 8pm.

Saturday 13th September 2014: Gozo by night. We meet at Cirkewwa at 6.15 pm. We go for a coffee at Marsalforn before Dinner at Xerri l-Bukkett.

Friday 22nd August 2014: Picnic at Dingli Cliffs. We meet at 7 pm.

Friday 25th July 2014: Interesting tour of Mdina by night by Joseph Farrugia.

Sunday 13th July 2104: Harbour cruise lasting about 2 hours. Meeting place: Sliema ferries at 4.30pm.

Sunday 22nd June 2014: International Widows’ Day celebrated with a lunch at Vivaldi Hotel. A donation was presented to Doreen Mercieca on behalf of Inspire Malta.

Thursday 1st May 2014:Excursion to Sicily with Virtu’ Ferries. We visit Savoca & Taormina. Meeting at 5.00am at Sea Passenger terminal.

Sunday 27th April 2014: Excursion to the island of Gozo. We meet at Cirkewwa at 8.30am. Adults eur 15 / children eur 8.

Friday 25th April 2014: Birthday celebration for those members and guests who have their birthday during April.

Friday 21st March 2014: New commitee set up for 2014/15: Maria Borg, Marie Louise Suda, Connie Azzopardi, Silvio Ellul, Doris Axiaq, Joseph Farrugia and Mark Farrugia.

Wednesday 19th March 2014: Bowling at Eden Bowling centre

Friday 4th October 2013:  Today we started to meet again at Project House after the summer holidays.

Tuesday 3rd September 2013: The group had the opportunity to visit the Royal Carribean International cruiseliner ‘ The Legend of The Seas’ and was shown around the public places of the ship. Afterwards, we were hosted for a 3 course lunch with free flowing water and wine.

Saturday 24th August 2013: A sunset cruise which was held today was attended by almost 30 people. We left from the strand in front of Mark’s & Spencer at about 5pm. The cruise took us atound Sliema, Marsamxetto and grand harbours admiring the beauty of the creeks and fortifications. Our enjoyable evening followed by a drink and some light smacks at the Fortina Hotel by the pool.

Friday 16th August 2013: What a beautiful sunset and breathtaking views we enjoyed from Dingli Cliffs today! Well attended by over 30 of us we settled for a picnic by a nearby chapel. While the majority preferred to relax and eat, Mark, Maria, Marthese, Vivienne and Paul opted to stroll along the cliffs for almost an hour.They had to return in the moonlight to join the rest for their dinner. Photos will be uploaded later due to a mulfunction of my mobile. It was a truly enjoyable evening. We now look forward to our next event for a sunset cruise on Saturday 24th August..

Friday 5th July 2013. Comino BBQ by night. We meet at Cirkewwa at 5.30pm and return back at 11.00pm. Price EUR 20. Including boat transfer to Blue Lagoon, 3 course Buffet BBQ including wine & dessert and disco.

Sunday 23rd June 2013. International Widows’ Day was commemorated today by Minus One widows’ support group with a scrumptious buffet lunch at The Vivaldi Hotel. This event was attended by well over 40 of members including the founder of the group Mr. Albert Zammit. A donation was afterwards presented to Dr. Vincent Zammit, vice chairman of Hospice Malta.

Friday 7th June 2013. Bowling at Eden Super Bowl Paceville. We meet at 3.45 pm. Bookings with Paul Ciangura on 7996 2319

Sunday 26th May 2013. After a huge success of our Gozo visit last time, we are organising another one this time on Sunday 26th May. The price like last time: 15 euro for adults / 8 euro for children. Includes coach with us full day and lunch.

Friday 10th May 2013. Mass was held at Project house on the occasion of Mothers’ Day. The mass was celebrated by Fr. Saviour Chircop. During Mass we were presented with a Mothers’ Day powerpoint slide show prepared by Therese and Roger. The evening came to an end with a raffle with the lucky number held by Joseph Farrugia.

Sunday 5th May 2013. Minus One Support Group for the Widowed participated in the Great Spring Show held at San Anton Gardens 4th/5th May 2013 organised by The Malta Horticultural Society.
The exhibit of a fresh flower arrangement was created by two members of the group Therese Azzopardi and Joyce Gatt.

Sunday 5th May 2013. Excursion to the sister island of Gozo. Meeting at Cirkewwa ferry terminal at 8.15 am.

Wednesday 1st May 2013 – Sicily excursion with Virtu’ Ferries. We meet at Virtu’ Ferries departure Terminal at 5.00am.

Thursday 18th April 2013: Maria Borg and Samantha Mifsud participated in TVM programme TV HEMM to share their experiences and promote our group. Click on “gallery” and scroll down to view programme.