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May 2019
I have spent some time thinking about this first article. I must confess to you – I was going to write about death and how it has brought us together. After a while, my thoughts went in another direction, and I decided to write about life. There are those who say that we only have one life, I think that we only have one death, while life is something that we have to do every day. Therefore I think that it is for the better that I write about something that we go through so often.
When one goes through what we have, the truth is that we are then left with very limited choices – either to close yourself off from the world and from your loved ones, to the detriment to them and yourself or to do the courageous thing and to try to move forward, little by little. It is not easy, but this is where our group comes in. Our purpose is to support one another, and this will always remain our purpose.
Watching the progress of our members through this difficult road brings with it a great amount of satisfaction. This happens through the joint effort of everyone, through the way that we welcome new members and though the way in which we do our utmost to assist others through the sharing of our experiences.
We need to understand and appreciate our own individuality, we are unique in our dispositions and temperament, and we have to understand that sometimes it is better to omit words that we would regret later, because we do not always know what other individuals have been through – no one can benefit from judging, or judging others.
Our new Committee will continue to build upon the good work of our previous one. There will be new ideas, which when necessary will be discussed with our members. Do not hesitate to come forward with your suggestions, we will try to implement them when possible.
I will close by wishing all the best to our new Committee in their work for our members and thanking Louise and Mark for their work in the previous Committee.
Now I must address Maria Borg – I am certain that I can speak for everyone when I say that we are all indebted to this woman, who has dedicated so many years of selfless work toward the growth and unity of this group.
Thank you Mark, Louise and Maria.
Do not forget my friends, do not waste your energy on death, but focus it on life.
Always yours,

June 2019

Do you consider yourselves to be patient?

Certainly at some point or another throughout your life you have had the urge to burst out all of your anger or frustration. It is important for one to understand that in order to be patient with others, one must first practice patience with oneself.

With our patience we must accept our own flaws and mistakes, after all there is no use crying over spilt milk – the error has already happened, anger and frustration will not turn back time! Our energy is better applied to avoiding the repetition of the error in the future.

It would also be beneficial for us to try our utmost to understand ourselves, and our shortcomings in order to address them and improve. This is after all a lifelong process.

To be patient means to be able to exercise self-control in situations that do not turn out in the manner that they were planned, be it your fault or the fault of others – this is not always easy, especially during trying times. Therefore, it does not make sense when you lose your patience on insignificant things – like a person having an opinion that opposes yours, or a personality that does not mesh with yours.

Be patient.

We cannot expect things to always turn out in our favour – at some point or another we will encounter people who will wrong us. We must understand that we are all individuals that differ from each other, and we all navigate things in our own way.

One may ask themselves if there is anyone in particular that makes them lose their patience, perhaps because of the manner in which this person speaks or acts, and if such an individual does exist, how will one control themselves?

When you lose your patience, your emotions take the better of you and you will almost always end up saying things that you may later regret.

I was always taught that when I am about to lose my patience, I should limit my words and leave decisions to the times in which I am calmer. Therefore it is my wish that we all practice more patience, tolerance and acceptance with each other through our positivity and negativity.

I hope that you have not lost your patience while reading this.

We have a good program set out for this month. I thank you all for your cooperation, while encouraging you to continue attending our activities.

Thank you all.


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